September 29 - October 3

We had a great time making applesauce in class! Thank you to ALL the donations and volunteers for making this possible! It was delicious!!

The Field Trip T-Shirts are done!!  They look FANTASTIC!!  A special thank you to Steph (our wonderful Room Mom) and Kindra (Room Mom for Mrs. Bess) for all the hard work you put in to make these shirts.  We greatly appreciate all that you have done.  Another special thank you to Mrs. Osborn (Calvin’s mommy) for creating the Lion Logo for us!  It looks great!!

This Friday is our Lion's Fest! It will be located at CSC from 3:00-8:00. Our kindergarten classes will be working at the Apple Archery booth. Fun! There are still plenty of opportunities to help! Please see our room mom, Steph!!  Her contact information is located on the Room Parent Tab at the top of this page.  We are looking for parents to volunteer to work the booth for a short time and to donate candy.  We are also asking for 2 liter bottles of soda donations for our Kindergarten Friends in Mrs. Marion’s Class and Mrs. Bobrink’s Class.  If you are able to donate these items you may drop them off in our classroom.  Thank you!! This is sure to be a fun-filled event! Hope to see you there! 

We are so excited about our field trip next Tuesday! Please send your child to school this day in a normal shirt (we will be throwing their brand new field trip t-shirt over their clothing) and without a snack (snack will be provided). Please keep an eye out for field trip permission slips being sent home on Monday and return them ASAP. Students will NOT BE ABLE TO GO ON THE FIELD TRIP WITHOUT A SIGNED PERMISSION SLIP :( Thank you!

The Scholastic Book Order has shipped!!.  If you ordered books they will arrive in our classroom this week.

JOIN THE 100% GROUP!!  This week I will be assessing students on all LETTERS and SOUNDS as well as all of the SIGHT WORDS AND LETTER TEAMS introduced so far.  Our goal is that ALL students know ALL letters and sounds by the end of the first trimester.  We also have the goal that all students are keeping up with the sight words and letter teams introduced each week. 

RAZ-Kids: Congratulations to Lance, Bella B. and Sara!!  They were our top 3 readers last week!  Way to go!! They spent the most time on Raz-kids last week! 

Smarty Ants: Our top Ant of the week award goes to Max!   Max  was the Top Ant in Most Time Played, Most Words Built, and Most Stories Built.  Way to go Bella B!!  Bryce and Gian also earn top honors for most letters learned!!  Keep working hard. 

IXL Math: Congratulations to Landon, Cash, and Lance!  They were our top 3 IXL math students.  They spent the most time practicing math skills on IXL math!  Way to go!!

Mrs. Bess has Challenged her class to read more books than our class on WE GIVE BOOKS.  We aren’t going to let that happen, Right?  Let’s work together to raise books for children in need while enjoying a good book with your child.  Sign on and Read!!

We Give Books: Last week we read 16 We Give Books!!  Way to go class!! We Give Books is a digital initiative that enables anyone with access to the Internet to put books in the hands of children who don't have them, simply by reading online.  For every book we read, a book is donated to a child in need!  My Goal is for the students in our class to read 25 books each month.  We will be reading the “We Give Books” online in class and I encourage each student and family to read at least one additional book at home each week.  Of course more than one a week is even better.  Let’s work together to meet, or even surpass, the 25 book a month mark! You can access the We Give Website at the following link: We Give Books. Our class username is: ILCS_Kinder_Stanley and the password is: leaders. Happy Reading!!

Mrs. Bess has Challenged her class to read more books than our class on WE GIVE BOOKS. 


What Are We Learning This Week?: 

Sight Words: TAKE, AN, BECAUSE, UP.

Letter Team:  OW/OU (like in COW, FLOWER/OUCH, HOUSE) and the long OW sound (like in YELLOW, SNOW).

Word Family:   -AN. Please help your child with word families of the week by asking them to create different words with  the word family -an (for example: CAN, MAN, PAN, FAN) 

Reading: This week, we will begin reading books about Autumn and leaves, and read our special poem of the week, "Down, Down". I will assess students on letters, sounds, words, and letter teams, as well as conferencing one on one with individual students. Students are working hard at their independent activities and reading their self-selected "Good Fit Books". 

Writing:   This week we will write a big book together about matter. We will learn that matter is anything that takes up space. This big book will be written using the sight words we have learned so far.We will also learn that when we are writing a word that begins with a vowel with an "A" in front, we have to make that "A" - "AN" - for example, "an elephant" instead of "a elephant". Please reinforce this at home with your child when writing and speaking.  

Math: We will continue our fun unit on shapes this week using geoboards and tangrams. We will continue working with 2D flat shapes and 3D solid shapes, exploring the number of faces and the vertices of each shape, work in our math journals with math story problems and activities.  As always, we will continue counting money, identify, order, write, and count numbers to 30, learn the days of the week, months of the year, how to read and extend patterns, and identify what number comes next.

Leadership: Congratulations to our Leadership Award Winners for GRIT:  Gabrial, Sakal, Sara, Aiden, and Alena! I am so proud! The new leadership theme for the month of October is TEAMWORK.